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  Direct Mail  
  Direct MailLet our experts guide you in selecting targeted postal lists for your next mailing.  
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  Monetize your Mailing List  
  Monetize your Mailing ListYour internal data assets can generate significant income for your company. Let us show you how, with our professional Asset Monetization / LIst Management services.  

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  MetaBaseLooking for vertical coverage in a specific market sector? MetaBase is the solution.  

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  E-Mail Marketing  
  E-Mail MarketingKick-start your lead generation program with our E-Mail marketing services.  
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  Co-RegGenerate targeted leads from online signup pages.

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  Benefits Of Using Us  
  Benefits Of Using UsHere's a few good reasons to use us as your partner on your next direct marketing campaign.  
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  Request More InfoDo you need more info or are you ready to get started? We'd like to discuss how we can help!  
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We provide a full spectrum of services that address the demanding needs of today's marketers. Our services include:

List Brokerage / Media Brokerage Services
Let our professional team of researchers select from a universe of over forty thousand direct mail and E-mail lists to develop a customized media plan that reaches your specific target audience.

List Management / Asset Monetization Services
Our Asset Monetization resservices will generate revenue for your company by securing mailers who will pay, on a per-thousand basis, to rent your mailing list for a one-time usage. You maintain complete control over your data, approving each mailer and their mail piece.

E-Mail Marketing Services
Let us evaluate your current E-Mail creative and show you how we can optimize your installed base efforts while also testing externally rented E-Mail lists to generate fresh leads and new customers.

Data Hygiene Services
Did you know that your internal house file is your most important asset? To optimize its use, you need to have it cleaned on a regular basis to keep it deliverable and responsive. MetaResponse Group's data hygiene services include:
CASS Certification
NCOA Processing
Nixie (Undeliverables) Suppression
DMA Do Not Call/Mail Suppression
Deceased Detection

MetaAppend Services
We offer a variety of append services which will integrate information into your house file. With appended data such as E-Mail addresses and telephone numbers, you can communicate more effectively and efficiently with your customers. For digital marketers who are only warehousing E-mail addresses, we also offer services to append a name and full postal address to your records. This facilitates reaching your installed base via the powerful direct mail channel.

Appending demographic, psychographic (lifestyle) or business data elements (such as SIC code or company size) will allow you to optimize the mining of your internal house file for prospect conversions, up-sell, and cross-sell programs.

Merge/Purge Services
If you are planning a postal mailing of one hundred thousand records or more, you should consider MetaResponse Group's Merge/Purge services. Merge/Purge processing is a procedure that combines records from any number of sources including externally rented lists, house lists, and suppression lists.

Using proprietary algorithms, lookup tables, and data licensed from the USPS, the Merge/Purge process compares records with each other in an attempt to identify and eliminate multiple occurrences. The resulting cleaned output of records can then be used as a master list for direct mail promotions, from which mailing labels or inkjet addressing is generated. The benefits of Merge/Purge include:
Increased Deliverability
Dramatic Reduction of Duplicate Pieces
Savings in Postage and Printing
Intelligence on External List Interaction
Enhanced Response Rates

Dedupe Services
For smaller first class mailings that do not require the abundance of reporting delivered by our Merge/Purge services, we also offer a simplified Dedupe service which will pass externally rented lists through an NCOA and perform fast and effective duplicate elimination to reduce costs and enhance response rates.

Database Development Services
Are you a publisher with a variety of subscriber lists in a myriad of formats? Or are you a large organization with multiple product groups, each with their own unique customer file? Our Database Development services can help bring all of your files, regardless of format, together into a unified, unduplicated database. This cleaned masterfile can then be loaded back into your own internal system, so that it drives your installed-based marketing efforts.

Services for Investor Relations (IR) Mailers
Direct mail and E-mail marketing are powerful, targeted, and measurable tools for raising awareness about public companies and providing continuity within the investor community. Click on the following link for more information on our specialized Investor Relations services.


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